SOURCE: 49ers Vernon Davis to star in upcoming remake of “The Negotiator”

Vernon Davis (pictured) negotiating skills have landed him a role in the upcoming “The Negotiator” remake.

KORTV, an Internet television network, is set to remake the 1998 classic “The Negotiator” and have billed 49ers tight end Vernon Davis for the lead role of Chris Sabian. According to a KORTV spokesperson, Ji Hong, Davis earned the role after an impressive showing over his various public appearances during a recent mini-camp hold out.

“We were impressed not only with his mastery of the English language,” Hong said, “but also with his business acumen.”

Despite Hong’s unabashed praise, Davis’ cunning in the private sector has come under fire recently, having  just ended a lengthy hold-out that cost him some $270,000 and returned nothing more than head scratches from pundits, coaches, and players. Further, his “mastery of the English language” is seen by many to be just as dubious as his mastery of business, given that Davis vacillated between telling media members that he was and was not attending mini-camps and/or training camp.

Still, when questioned further about their motives in hiring Davis, whose IMDB account pales in comparison to the actor he’s replacing, Hong doubled down, noting it was Davis’ “resolution of character” that endeared him to KORTV executives, not necessarily his resume as an actor. Of course, not many actors have the experience of the original Chris Sabian, Academy Awared winner Kevin Spacey, but that doesn’t mean Davis doesn’t have the talent.

“We believe that his performance as ‘Bootz’ in I’m In Love With A Church Girl showed incredible emotional range and camera awareness,” Hong said. “And so, for the purposes of drama and acting dramatically, we believe Mr. Davis can be all that Mr. Spacey was in the original and then some.”

KORTV has yet to sign a writer or director for the projector — though Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins has been linked to both positions. Hong declined to comment specifically on whether Atkins was involved in the project, but she did the person being considered was a “down ass individual.”


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