SOURCE: NFL to suspend Ray Rice’s wife 6 games for her role in altercation

These two lovebirds will have to separate from each other on game days, according to the NFL.

These two lovebirds will have to separate from each other on game days, according to the NFL.

After handing down a two-game suspension to Ray Rice, the NFL is set to suspend Janay Palmer, Rice’s wife, for her role in an altercation at an Atlantic City hotel last winter, a source tells PTSD. “After Janay’s impassioned plea on behalf of Ray, as well as her acceptance of full responsibility for the event in question,” the source said, “Roger [Goodell] decided that in order to run an equitable and fair business, he couldn’t let her go unpunished.”

In his Sisyphean task of protecting the shield, Goodell has been almost vigilant in his discipline of those employed by the NFL, but this would be the first time he’s punished a person in conjunction with a player. “This will probably be the first of many such measures taken by Roger,” the source said. “However, it is not the first time he’s wanted to act.”

Indeed, according to the source, Goodell desperately wanted to institute a lifetime ban of Thomasina Pryor, Terrelle Pryor’s mother, for her role in Terrelle’s acceptance of improper benefits while he was a student at Ohio State University. “Roger was fuming,” the source alleges. “He kept pacing the office, shouting ‘Hey Stella!’ and ‘Eunice, I want my girl down here!’ It seems kind of strange now that I’m thinking about it, but, hey, that’s Roger for you.”

Though we haven’t yet been able to get in touch with the either Palmer or Rice, Baltimore did release a statement, saying “Though it is not our policy to comment upon such private matters, we think that it is good for little girls to understand it works this way. This is how it works; this is how it should be. But, regardless of the punishment, we still stand behind Ray.”



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