Goodell admits to receiving DVD of Rice assault, says the video was “unwatchable”

Roger Goodell (center) and an American Flag (left)

Roger Goodell (center) and an American Flag (left)

In a yet another stunning revelation in the Ray Rice case, NFL commissioner Ray Goodell admitted to having received a DVD that contained the video of Rice assaulting his then-fiance Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City hotel elevator. Just one day prior to this admission, Goodell not only claimed to have never received the video, which shows Rice violently striking Palmer, but he also hired former Federal Bureau of Investigation director Robert Mueller to conduct an investigation into the matter.

Thursday, however, Goodell changed his tune, saying in a telegram to that he was “embarrassed” by his impotency and his inability to adopt a 21st century mindset. Goodell handed down a self-inflicted punishment, which he called “harsh” but fitting. Ultimately, Goodell would end the telegram noting that the NFL was committed to ending domestic violence among its players, saying he “will not hesitate to act the fullest extent of [the NFL’s] authority.”

Of course, Goodell’s credibility has taken a huge hit since handing Rice a lenient two-game suspension in July. And so, whether or not his pledge to reform the NFL is truthful remains to be seen. We’ve provided the telegram in its entirety below, so you can decide for yourself.

“I am saddened and embarrassed to say that I did in fact receive a DVD video of Mr. Rice assaulting Ms. Palmer in early April STOP I even more saddened and embarrassed to admit that I found the video unwatchable STOP.

“It is at this moment that I realize I have been slow to change STOP I guess you can say I’m a bit old school STOP When the DVD revolution hit I did not buy in STOP I just stuck to my trusty Ferguson Model 8922 videocassette player thinking it would make a comeback someday STOP In way I just clung to my old prejudices against technology STOP So you can imagine my surprise when a DVD I need to watch shows up on my desk STOP I mean what am I supposed to do with that QUESTION MARK It is literally unwatchable to me STOP.

“My wife has been nagging me to QUOTE Get with the times END QUOTE But I always thought why should I QUESTION MARK That would be like Ralph Kramden listening to that infuriating Alice of his STOP I guess I see the error of my ways now STOP I am embracing the 21st Century and its forward thinking STOP To make sure nothing like this will ever happen again I have bought the nicest DVD player on the market STOP

“It set me back 249 dollars at Best Buy STOP But it was well worth the price STOP Not only will I be able to watch security footage of NFL representatives abusing women and encouraging racial slurs and homophobia but I will also be able to watch all the NFL games on the DVD player’s Sunday Ticket application STOP That’s right STOP For just an additional 299 dollar subscription fee I can watch all the NFL games I want STOP

“This penalty might be harsh STOP But the punishment fits the crime STOP I will gladly pay it STOP Believe me when I say the NFL will take all future instances of domestic assault very seriously STOP We will not hesitate to act the fullest extent of our authority STOP Should a player test that authority STOP Then POW Right in the kisser STOP And BANG, ZOOM Straight to the moon STOP.”



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